What to expect: Your First acupuncture Visit

Your initial acupuncture visit is 80 minutes and includes a detailed health history and an acupuncture treatment. A physical examination includes looking at the tongue, feeling the pulse and palpation. These methods of examination allow us to design a treatment plan specific to you.  You will receive an acupuncture treatment and may be prescribed an herbal formula, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations. It is likely that you will be encouraged to undergo one or more functional medical tests that will assist your provider in thoroughly diagnosing your condition as well as ruling out potential pathogenic factors.

Chinese Medicine requires your active participation to get the most out of your acupuncture sessions and following the recommendations of your provider will help you receive the most benefits:

1- Please arrive on time so we can give you your full session. We typically run on time and will not be able to accommodate a full visit if you are more than ten minutes late.
2- It is best to eat a light meal within a few hours of your acupuncture visit. 
3- Please wear loose comfortable clothing or you may bring something to change into.
4- Please feel free to bring up any questions about your treatment plan or you can call us if you have questions in between appointments.
5- Do your best to follow the treatment plan your practitioner creates for you and report accordingly.
6- It is important to keep regularity with your appointments, as each session builds upon the previous one. 
7- Refrain from strenuous exercise and alcohol for at least 3 hours after acupuncture.

Chinese Medicine is not a magic pill. True healing and adjustment in the body is a process that takes time and attention. Although you will often feel better right away, lasting change and shifts in health come incrementally. This safe and effective form of natural medicine gently nudges the body towards better balance and over time strengthens the body and enhances vitality.