Meet Greg Burkland, ND

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Greg Burkland, ND has been practicing Naturopathic family medicine in Vermont since 2006. As a Naturopathic physician, Dr. Burkland may utilize the same diagnostic tools and many of the same treatments as conventional medical doctors, but with a holistic approach to health. Dr. Burkland helps his patients to reclaim their health and vitality primarily with natural therapies such as herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle counseling, hydrotherapy, nutritional supplementation, and pharmaceuticals when needed.

Dr. Burkland treats patients of all ages and with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Many of his patients come to him for a “whole-person” based perspective on health. Others appreciate his preference for natural treatments over pharmaceuticals. Dr. Burkland received his N.D. from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, and is licensed by the state of Vermont.